Retrieval Process

Green Golf Balls is experienced in all parts of golf ball recovery, refinishing and sales and has been for many years. Operating closely with some of the largest golf ball retailers in Europe gives We Buy Any Ball a direct sales stream meaning they are readily able to purchase balls whether in small or large quantities.

Through the team of divers Green Golf Balls processes millions of golf balls each year, with the vast majority of balls being played within a few weeks of coming out of the lake for the first time.

Green Golf Balls works with both teams of divers and golf clubs to ensure a partnership is met which is beneficial to both parties. There are various payment options depending on what is best for the golf club (details can be found on the golf club page). Our divers will go to each golf club when assigned and retrieve all balls that are possible. These balls will then be shipped back to the processing factory just outside Dartford. These balls are counted, graded and their futures are determined. Any balls with deep scratches or cuts are immediately rejected and thrown out of this process. During the grading, top graded balls will be cleaned and re-packaged ready to be sold as lake balls. These balls are distributed globally with a large focus on Europe. All low quality balls will be put into our refinishing process. The balls will then be blasted and re-painted, ready to look and feel like a new ball.

These balls are then ready to be put out onto the market and let the process happen again…

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